In-home feeding, speech and myofunctional therapy

Supporting families in North County and the Surrounding San Diego Communities.

I provide comprehensive specialized care for speech delays, infant feeding challenges, and myofunctional disorders utilizing a whole-child approach.

My Approach:

Hi there, I’m Shari

I’m a Speech Language Pathologist dedicated to supporting families from the comfort of their own nest.

The ability to observe and treat a mother-baby dyad, child, or adolescent in their most natural environment not only allows therapy to be a more accessible stress free experience, but it translates into a realistic understanding of what day to day life looks like, with a greater ability to coach parents and implement therapy strategies that will be individualized and effective.

How I can support you and your child

Feeding Therapy

Assessment and Treatment for infants and toddlers

A whole-child approach that addresses underlying oral-motor sensory issues to improve breastfeeding, bottle feeding, cup/straw drinking, and successful transitions to solids.

Speech Therapy

Assessment and treatment for toddlers, children, and teens

Individualized treatment that addresses underlying issues that may be impacting speech sound production, unintelligible speech, or limited early language (i.e late talking toddlers).

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Assessment and Treatment for children and teens

Targeted therapy focusing on specific exercises of the mouth and face to improve swallow patterns, oral rest posture, and nasal breathing. 

Tethered Oral Tissues

Assessment and Treatment for infants, children, and teens

Restrictive oral tissue (i.e tongue-ties, lip-ties, buccal-ties) can impact feeding, swallow pattern, speech, breathing, and more. A functional assessment is performed to determine if oral tissues are restrictive and impacting oral function, as well as specialized therapy pre and post release for optimal function and outcomes.

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